We help customers to pay foreign suppliers or manufacturers but not only this we believe that when you receive the best quality and cheap products from the source, its would be a plus to our service, so helping customers to buy or pay for any items is part of our service, there are a lot of companies out there who sells fake or over cost products, but because we have spend alot of years in this game, sourcing for manufacturers with quality yet cheap products has been made easy through OMS Global services, Why buy fake or over-priced products in Nigeria or abroad when you can procure them reliably and cost-effectively from the source directly ?

All you need to do is to visit any shopping site, check for any item you like, contact us, send us the links of that items, and we will check the source of that product and also negotiate on your behalf, and let you know the outcome before we would procure and ship to your location in Nigeria, our service charge for helping you procure, Negotiate on your behalf and buy from reliable and cheap manufacturers is just $5.00, try us today, we promised not to disappoint you.

A sample of what we can do:

  • Heavy Equipment Procurement.
  • the process is simple- you find what you want, we buy it on your behalf and we worry about how it gets to you in Nigeria- Pure and simple!
  • Help you Quality of Goods.
  • Negotiate to get a good deal on your behalf.
  • Consolidation and Packing Containerization.
  • Keep Track of the Delivery
  • Make payment within 24hours to your manufacturers, after receiving payment from you.

We pride ourselves in discussing and understanding your needs ,of these specialized projects, so we can offer you the best possible solution. Our team understands what is required to procure goods to your destination in the safest and most economical configuration.

Heavy Equipment / Machineries Shipping in England

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