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    How can multimedia help your company? Multimedia is a very influential way of informing clients and potential partners across the globe about your company, products and services.We carefully study each customer particular case to understand the client's needs and objectives and deliver a dependable solution.


    Our service are fully online marketing tools included materials and developing all systems for online advertising. We are providing order, perception visibility, product branding and providing online direct mail. Our sector of services are divided into two, which are International trade service, which deals with procurement, product sourcing, products branding, Shipping why the other sectors deals with Online Marketing,Web design and development,Innovative Graphic Design(general printing), We have a highly professional workforce of web design architects, programming experts when it comes to cutting-edge web solutions and we can help you to design and setup your website to enable you to take advantage of the internet revolution within a limited time.


    OMS Global Services is a procurement agent and an online Marketing Company which also serve as a platform to buy and ship various goods from Some part of the world to Nigeria at the fastest and cheapest prices. we do it better than anyone in the business. Whether you have one item, large luggage, large boxes, cars, trucks or entire household necessities, we have the right people at the right price. And we offer you varieties of options be it express shipment, sea shipment or air we offer you the best service.

    We can either help you buy products from this countries, China, UK, Malysia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Canada, USA, e.t.c at cheap producer's and discount price and ship to you.

Our Process

  • Step 1 Understand

    What is the problem? What resources will be available throughout our assistance? What senior management support will we have? What are your goals, short term and long-term?

  • Step 2 Analyse

    What data are available? What data are important? How can we create additional data points to verify our assumptions? How do we measure against our peers, our industry, etc.?

  • Step 3 Advise

    How do we create enduring solutions? What enduring solutions are available and how do we choose between them?

  • Step 4 Implement

    How do we implement the right solutions? How do we ensure that the solution endures?

Why Choose OMS GLOBAL Services? We'll Tell You!

  • Highly competitive prices
  • Wide network base
  • Efficient team of expert skilled and expert workforce
  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • Effective logistics ensuring speedy and timely delivery of assignments
  • Personal attention to every clients individual needs
  • On time service
  • For OMS Global Services, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers is the yard stick of our success. It begins by developing collaborative relationships with our clients, listening and understanding the changing requirements of their supply chains, and continually delivering transportation solutions that drive positive results always....

  • OMS Global Services works with you to strategize and identify the best ways to optimize our network to lower your incremental transportation costs and provide better and effecient service. By matching inbound and outbound customer freight flows, we deliver the power of overlapping networks, satisfying carriers by reducing empty miles, which helps you avoid seasonal rate spikes for frieght....

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